To breathe or not to breathe?

Daniel Kahneman in his ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ describes two modes in which we think. One – effortless and easy. The other  – more analytical and strained – used only when needed, in case of judgments etc.

When asked to compute 2×2 you’ll give an automatic answer.

Now try and compute 17×24.

How do you feel? How do you start? How do you breathe?

The idea is that this one is effortful, your eye pupils dilate considerably, you feel at ease only after finishing the task.

The same happens with breathing. You can breathe in a slow, relaxed way or in short and shallow breaths.

A kid would use the first mode a lot if it were not for the parent calling ‘hurry up!’.

These days you are frequently ‘forced’ to breathe fast, you get used to it. Now, even when 2×2 breathing is all you need you’ll still go for 17×24. You formed a habit, you don’t really notice it. The mode was to be used only in a ‘controlled’ state, now it is automatic.

Laziness is built deep into our nature? Maybe, but it will never be the same in the above case – if you can’t use your diaphragm properly anymore.

This blog will be about breathing easy. Physically (even though emotions are probably more ‘guilty’).

I start this blog because two of my friends have a problem with their colon. I strongly believe it would help them and many others to be able to go back to the 2×2 breathing/thinking/living mode at least sometimes.

I will very much appreciate your views, comments, experiences.